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  • Glory English School

    Ghari Makha Leikai, Airport Road , Imphal - 795140 Imphal, Manipur
  • The Brilliant Public School

  • Shamurou, Imphal West, Manipur, India
  • Alpha BCI Memorial Academy

    Thangmeiband Hijam Dewan Leikai,Imphal, Manipur Tera, Imphal west, Manipur, India
  • NR Academy

    Nambul Khongnakhong, Imphal

    Koirengei, Imphal East District, Manipur, India
  • Royal Mission School

    Canchipur, Kyamgei, Imphal-East

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student1: Sister! Did you forgot your admission form?
student2: No dear. I am not for new student admission. My information are already with simslite system. So, I just need to tell them my name or registration number.
student1: Oh! that's so simple.

giving birthday gift

Birthday Alerts

Student: Miss how do you know about my birthday?
Miss: Simslite informs us everyday. Today is also your sir Mahesh's birthday and three other students in different classes
Student: Oh! we will be eating sweets on all our classmates' birthdays.



Guy: As planned shall we go out for a coffee?
Lady: Sorry! I was assigned for the next period in class VII as the substitution for Sir Mahesh.
Guy: Damn! before this simslite we use to get free classes.

ladies on call

Question Bank

Lady1: Will you please conduct a test for my 3rd period of class IX
Lady2: Oh! you aren't coming today. I don't have time for question paper preparation
Lady1: Don't worry dear! just generate it for 20 marks from the question bank of simslite. ask the admin if you need help.


Instant SMS Alerts

Mother: Aren't you late for school?
Son: Mom? Our school will be closed today due to the general strike.
Mother: Are you sure? Or are you lying to bunk school?
Son: Check the sms from our school in your mobile phone.

Time Table

Time Table and Substitute Teacher

Admin: We have an issue with Timetable
Principal: What is the issue?
Admin: Today four teachers are Absents, How do i make substitutes
Principal: Use SIMSLite table Table Management to substitute teacher

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